Education Planning

Big Dreams, Bright Futures

Before your child was even born, you were planning. What will we name him? What color should we paint the room? What is the best childcare alternative?

But with all the demands and decisions that new parents face, one important aspect is often unintentionally overlooked in those early stages – college. With tuition rates rising, however, it should be at the top of every parent’s planning list ... no matter what their child’s age.

What’s more, saving for a child’s education doesn’t necessarily have to rest entirely with parents. With the flexibility and convenience of today’s savings plans, many alternatives make good sense for grandparents, aunts and uncles, other family members, and friends, as well as for the child.

Without a sound financial plan, many people are forced to make unnecessary sacrifices to fund education.

Planning for your child’s educational funding should begin many years before enrollment. Using Educational Savings Plans, IRA's, and by taking advantage of 529 Plans, we can help you develop a plan that meets your unique circumstances and insures that your family's educational needs are properly met.

You have big dreams for the child in your life. Don’t let a lack of planning sidetrack those aspirations. Give your child the opportunity for the bright future he or she deserves.

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